Why You Need a New Mexico Digital Detox

Now, more than ever, we rely on our electronic devices for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Despite studies proving that too much screen time significantly affects our quality of sleep, our attention span, and increases our anxiety, we can’t imagine a day without them.Though there are countless advantages to smartphones, as with everything in life, our relationship with screens and technology should be well-balanced. 

And what better way to take a break from our devices than with a getaway to one of Mother Nature’s greatest secrets, the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. Vacation is the perfect time to unplug, recharge, and reconnect, either with others or with yourself. While it can be difficult to set our devices aside, it’s easy to achieve a New Mexico digital detox at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. 

There is No Cell Service Most of the Time

Before you even step foot on our ranch your digital detox will begin. Cell phone coverage stops about 70 miles away and GPS is unreliable making it to our remote location. Don’t worry though, we will provide you with printed directions and paper maps so you can still easily find your way to our ranch.

The journey to the ranch is part of the experience. Give yourself time to slow down and enjoy the adventure that lies ahead of you. The drive out to our ranch will take you through some of the most beautiful countrysides with incredible views, endless blue skies, and wildlife roaming the open fields – an experience you do not want to miss while absorbed in your phone.

Your Stay at an Off-the-Grid Oasis

Gila National ForestOnce at the ranch, you will fully embrace the digital detox. The 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest is a truly unspoiled setting. 85 miles from the nearest stoplight with virtually zero evidence of modern man’s intrusion, you’ll immediately feel a sense of calm.

The ranch itself is off the power grid; electricity comes from solar arrays and water comes from spring-fed wells. While you’re here, you’ll be able to be fully present throughout your vacation without worrying about checking emails and voicemails. In fact, our guests embrace the lack of WiFi and find they enjoy being able to tell their office, “I’ll be out of service for a few days”. Don’t worry, our well-appointed and comfortable cabins will still provide all the creature comforts. Situated beneath the sweet-smelling Ponderosa Pines, each cabin comes fully equipped with a private bath, propane fireplace, covered porch, and complimentary homemade cookies.

Create Memories You’ll Never Forget

Our all-inclusive Guest Ranch is the perfect environment to reconnect and create lifetime memories with your family and friends. Because of our small size, your days will be filled with horseback riding, hiking, and discovering 1,00-year-old cliff dwellings with an intimate group. After a day on the trails, we spend the evenings gathered around the dinner table playing family games, line dancing in the rec hall or roasting marshmallows, and stargazing around the campfire.

New Mexico Digital Detox

It is very rare these days to have the opportunity to completely unplug and our guests cherish and embrace that opportunity. After a few days on their New Mexico dude ranch vacation, our guests often lose track of the date…and find they don’t care anymore. It is our hope that sharing this unique experience with our guests in this truly special area in New Mexico provides an unforgettable adventure offering a unique perspective on our past while encouraging some thoughtful reflection on the future and a healthier relationship with our devices.

Interested in expanding your New Mexico digital detox beyond Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch? Check out 7 places in New Mexico perfect for a digital detox on the Matador Network. If you’re flying into Albuquerque, stop at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. If you’re flying into El Paso, Carlsbad Caverns is a must-see.

Contact us today to plan your New Mexico digital detox!