We take great care to have excellent, well trained, well cared for horses. Our horses are the foundation of our business, and as such are very important. Without our horses, we can't take you on trail rides of this incredible area. We feel that if we take care of them, they will take care of us, so providing our herd with top-notch care allows them to provide top-notch services to our guests. We make sure to give them plenty of good quality feed, proper hoof, teeth and vet care, as well as love!

We have excellent quality tack because we want both our guests and our horses to be comfortable. Our saddles are mainly Tucker, Reinsman and Circle Y.

Please keep in mind there is a strict rider weight limit of 220 pounds. You must also fall within our Height to Weight Ratio Chart in order to ride. These requirements are to help us ensure the safety and comfort of both riders and horses.

Due to the rough, rocky, mountainous terrain and VERY remote location, all rides are walk only, but this is also the best way to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Children under 13 years old are required to wear a helmet.

Meet some of our horses:

Johnnie at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Johnnie is a Clydesdale Quarter Horse cross that loves attention! You will fall in love with his big face and beautiful thick mane. He is like a little kid and loves to play with his bridle while waiting to go out for a ride!

Sasquatch at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Don't let his name fool you, even though this boy may have big feet that is where resemblance to his namesake ends! Sasquatch is sweet, gentle, responsive and ready to show you this special area. His nicknames include "Squatchy" and "Satchmo" 🙂

Dreamer at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Dreamer is a gorgeous Palomino Appaloosa. We always say "you can't ride color" but this guy sure rides nice! Strong and gentle, he will make your tour of the Gila National Forest a pleasure!

Slingshot at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Slingshot loves face rubs and just wants to be your friend! Be sure to give him a nice reward with brushing and extra face rubs after your ride! He is originally from a working ranch in Kansas. Rumor has it he has also been called Bullseye after the horse in Toy Story. 🙂

Jerry at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Jerry’s cute, sweet face will win you over in a heartbeat! Fondly know as "Jerr Bear", he is as responsive as he is sweet and is ready to take you trail riding to see the beauty of the Gila National Forest.

Shadow at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Shadow casts a big shadow. He is one of our largest horses- a Percheron Quarter Horse cross. He loves attention - Don't be intimidated by his size, he really just wants to be your buddy!

Brownie at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Brownie comes to us from a working ranch in Nebraska. There is probably not much he hasn't seen or done. Let this strong, friendly boy show you the wonders of the Gila National Forest!

Sheriff at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Wow! What a beautiful dapple gray coat this handsome boy has! Sheriff is as steady as they come and just like you would want the sheriff to be, not much ruffles his feathers!

Timber at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Timber is a gorgeous sorrel and white registered American Paint Horse. He is sweet and loving. Once he knows you are the leader he will take you anywhere you want to go. Be sure to check out the lightning bolt under his mane!

Malibu at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


This gorgeous lady is one of our newest horses. Her golden palomino color is sure to be an eye catcher, but there is more to this Malibu Barbie than meets the eye! She is calm and gentle, and if you scratch her withers, you will be her new best friend!

Camero at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Even though his name is not spelled like the car, he still "drives" like a Camaro. He is very responsive and ready to get the job done!

Stetson at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


You will fall in love with this black beauty's sweet and loving personality. Meris likes to call him Maserati for his well controlled power and responsive ride!

Pinball at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Pinball is a black and white draft cross who got his name from black spots that look like pinballs! Strong and sturdy, he will take your where you want to go.

Big Boy at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

Big Boy

Tall, dark and handsome certainly sums this looker up! Big Boy is strong, willing and incredibly well trained and responsive. Meris loves his soft "puppy dog" eyes and the way he "talks" all the way down the trail!

Chipper at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Chipper loves attention and is always up for anything you want to do. In the pasture, you will find him hanging out with his best buddy Johnnie. We like to call Chipper, Johnnie's "mini me"!

Toto at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Although Toto is originally from Kansas (yes, true story 😉 ), he has been in the Gila for many years now. He has worked cattle and even may have packed a few mountain lions for a hunting outfitter before coming to us! Strong and brave, he will go anywhere you point him!

If you are ready to meet our horses and take a ride, check our availability and book your stay. We can’t wait to host you at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch!

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