What will the weather be like during my stay?

We are at 6,500 feet elevation and enjoy very temperate weather year-round, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities. The climate in this area has been assessed as the best in the United States, with New Mexico averaging 275 days a year with sun. Summer days are pleasantly dry (no humidity!) and comfortably warm, while mountain evenings are cool and crisp. Spring and Fall days are mild and sunny. For more information about our beautiful weather please see our New Mexico Weather page and here is a chart of average temperatures.

Average Temperatures Throughout the Year

What is your Check In/Check Out policy?

Check In time is between 4:00 – 6:00 PM. Check Out time is by 10:30 AM.


What is the nearest airport?

The two airports that our guests use are El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM which are equal distance from our ranch (4 hour drive). Both airports are small and convenient to get around. We would suggest the one that fits your travel needs best.


Do you offer airport pickup?

We are a small ranch with a very small staff, so we are unable to offer airport pickup. You will need to rent a car to come to the ranch.


Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes. Please let us know in advance about any special dietary requirements you have, so we can be sure to be prepared for you. We can accommodate most food allergies.


Do you have a weight limit for riding?

Yes, there is a strict rider weight limit of 220 pounds. You must also fall within our Height to Weight Ratio Chart in order to ride. These requirements are to help us ensure the safety and comfort of both riders and horses. Horseback riding requires excellent physical fitness including balance, stamina and strength. Please evaluate yourself honestly and answer these questions before coming to ride in our very remote location:

  • If necessary, could you mount and dismount your horse from the ground with no assistance?
  • Do you feel your physical strength is such that you can hold your body weight upright and stay on the horse if the horse moves suddenly?
  • Do you feel your health, physical fitness, or age could prevent you from being safe, like poor balance, slow reaction time, poor hearing or sight, etc?


If I am an experienced rider, is this the right place for me?

Yes! We have well-trained, responsive horses and can accommodate all levels of riders. Much of our terrain is challenging and many of our guests are experienced riders. We are able to adjust the length of our rides to suit your interests.


If I am an inexperienced rider, is this the right place for me?

Yes! We have very gentle and trustworthy horses and can accommodate all levels of riders. Anyone who likes horses and wants to improve riding skills is most welcome and should feel right at home here. We are able to adjust the length of our rides to suit your interests. If you have never ridden before, we do recommend taking a few lessons prior to coming to our ranch, as it will make your experience more enjoyable.


Do you offer trotting and loping?

Much of our terrain is rough, rocky and mountainous and therefore is not suitable for riding faster than a walk. If you would enjoy seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the world by horseback at a relaxed pace, and learning about the local history, then this is the vacation for you!


Can I bring my own tack?

We have excellent quality tack (our saddles are mainly Tucker, Reinsman and Circle Y) that is comfortable for our guests to ride in AND fits our horses. This is what you will ride in during your stay at our ranch.


How old do children need to be to ride on the trail?

Children must be 6 years old and able to follow directions and control a horse on their own in order to ride on the trail.


Do you offer a babysitting service?

No. Since we are a small ranch with a very small staff we only accommodate children 6 years old and up.


Will there be a telephone/ internet connection available?

There are no telephones in the cabins. However, guests have access to a telephone for short calls if necessary. International visitors should bring a phone card to place international calls. You may give the ranch phone number (575-772-5157) to anyone who might need to reach you in case of emergency.

Due to our very remote location, we are not able to get an unlimited data plan for the internet and have to conserve for our own business purposes. We DO NOT have WiFi for recreational purposes. We cannot accommodate: video or audio calls, Zoom, streaming, downloading/uploading of movies/ books/ apps/ photos/ music, watching YouTube, Skype, FaceTime, etc. If you must have Internet for work, email with text only is fine as that does not take much data. Please use it for business/important communications only and be respectful that your usage affects our business. We encourage you to take this opportunity to disconnect,​ ​and this is the perfect place to give yourself a real vacation!  


Will I have my own bathroom?

Yes! Each cabin is equipped with its own private shower and bath. We do not mix groups within cabins.


Will I have air conditioning/heat?

Our summer temperatures are generally pleasant and air conditioning is not needed. Every cabin is equipped with a fireplace heater if needed in the early spring and late fall.


I use a C-PAP machine at night. Do the cabins have power to plug into overnight since the ranch is off the grid?

The ranch is off the grid and we generate all our own power with solar and generator. The cabins do have power at night, but since we are running on just a battery bank during that time and are not able to run our generator overnight we have to be very cautious of power usage. We have had other guests with C-PAP’s that plug into electricity before and it has been okay, but we always recommend bringing some sort of a back-up power source for it just in case we run out of power during the night. Some guests have brought C-PAP’s that are battery operated.


Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate pets or visiting animals of any kind. If you require a service animal to travel with you, we suggest that a visit to our ranch is not a good idea as your service animal will not be able to be with you at all times to perform the work or tasks it is trained to do for you.


Do you serve alcohol?

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is not licensed to serve alcoholic beverages; however, you are welcome to bring your own spirits and alcohol and serve yourself.


Will I feel at home if I come as a single?

Yes! Many of our guests are solo travelers and they usually make friends quickly at the ranch. Those who come here often have much in common with one another and a love of horses and the outdoors is a great ice breaker.


If I have a spouse or friend who is not particularly interested in riding, will they be happy at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch?

People who are interested in hiking, fishing, birding, stargazing, photography or just reading and relaxing in beautiful country will enjoy themselves. Our location is very remote so if they want opportunities for spas, shopping, tennis courts and heated swimming pools they will be disappointed. However, if they are looking for serenity and solitude they will find our ranch to be a very special place.


Have another question? Give us a call at 575-772-5157 or email us today!