Are you interested in visiting natural hot springs during your New Mexico getaway? If so, then our Riverbend Hot Springs Resort Special is for you! While we are not a resort-style guest ranch, we have partnered with Riverbend Hot Springs to offer you a few extra perks. This beautiful hot springs resort is located in the town of Truth or Consequences, two hours from the ranch. Enjoy stunning riverside mountain views while you soak in these enchanting waters and wash all your worries away.  

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About Riverbend Hot Springs  

Riverbend Hot Springs is located in the Historic Bath House District in Truth or Consequences. Situated on the banks of the Rio Grande, it’s one of the best hot springs between El Paso and Albuquerque. The resort sits upon a natural geothermal spring, features private and shared pools, and the water temperatures typically range between 95 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do the Hot Springs Have Natural Healing Abilities?  

Historically, many cultures have acknowledged the benefits of taking an annual rest at a healing place. The hot mineral waters were once used by the Apache warriors to heal their battle wounds. In modern days, the spa holiday has grown to include pampering in largely artificial settings using high-tech machinery and chlorinated water. Older cultures believe in the efficacy of “taking the waters.” 

At Riverbend Hot Springs, the waters rise to temperatures as high as 108-degrees Fahrenheit and have been tapped to provide pure thermal waters for the spa’s multiple pools. Their mineral content is a particularly beneficial combination of salts and minerals. Laboratory analysis of the water has found traces of 38 different minerals, including chloride, sodium, bicarbonate, calcium, sulfate, potassium, silicate, silicon, magnesium, and lesser minerals. The pH is about 7, or neutral, and there is no odor to the water. 

How to Get to Riverbend Hot Springs?  

Riverbend Hot Springs 

100 Austin Street 

Truth or Consequences, NM 87901 

Phone: (575) 894 – SOAK (7625)  


Ready to Soak All Your Worries Away? 

Come relax, rejuvenate, and experience the magic of these healing waters for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how fast your worries drift away. Many of our guests have enjoyed spending a week at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch and then winding down with a day or two soaking in the natural hot springs. Riverbend Hot Springs offers guests of Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch a $10 discount off two consecutive soak sessions. If you’re ready to wash all your worries away, use promo code PARTNER when booking your soak sessions. 

To experience the Land of Enchantment to the fullest, check our availability and book the Riverbend Hot Springs Resort Special today. We can’t wait to welcome you!