6 Tips For Planning Your Best Dude Ranch Vacation

So you’re ready to hit the open trail and experience life out west like a real rancher? It’s time to start planning the ultimate dude ranch vacation. From horseback riding to cabin-living, we have everything you need to know about organizing your next adventure in the Land of Enchantment. Check out our six helpful tips to get you exploring the best of the great outdoors. 

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What You Need to Know About Planning a Dude Ranch Vacation

Planning a dude ranch vacation is unlike planning any other trip. From all-inclusive authentic ranches to what to pack, we have the essentials for planning your next great getaway.

  • Find a Real Ranch

The only way to truly experience the wild west is at an authentic dude ranch. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is located in the heart of the 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest. Here, you’ll ride across open meadows, over majestic mountain overlooks, through deep canyons with crystal clear creeks., see wildlife up close, and experience New Mexico like a real cowboy or cowgirl. 

Consider choosing a reputable Dude Ranchers’ Association ranch. Members of this elite group, like Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, meet the highest standards of the dude ranching industry – from their lodging and meals to horses and tack, top-notch hospitality and everything in between; and guarantee an authentic experience.  

  • Consider All-Inclusive

There are several options to consider when planning your dude ranch vacation. Opting for an all-inclusive option puts more time and money in your pocket. Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch offers all-inclusive packaging that includes three delicious homecooked meals a day, a cozy ranch-side cabin, unlimited activities, personal attention throughout your stay, and an experience tailored just to you. Tell Laura or Meris what you want from your perfect ranch vacation when you book, then relax and let us take it from there! When you arrive all you’ll have to do is put on your boots and hat and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Book Direct

Booking a guest ranch vacation is more personal than entering your credit card information online. Book direct not only guarantees the lowest price but also establishes a relationship with the very people that will be taking care of you during your stay. Skip the hassle of third-party sites when planning your next visit and call us today. Remember, we can customize your stay, so to tell us what will make your stay perfect when you book!

  • Pack Accordingly

Chances are you will either be out in the woods, on the back of a horse, or relaxing around a campfire for the majority of your trip so you’ll want to pack your most comfortable, outdoor clothes. Jeans, t-shirts and tank tops, a light jacket, extra layers, hats, and boots are essentials for your stay. Check out our complete packing list here! Be sure to consider the season of your stay as well. Learn more about New Mexico weather here.

  • Listen to the Stories

The wranglers at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch have been blazing the trails since 2002. They’ve seen a little bit of everything and have the stories to prove it. One of the most exciting parts of embarking on an adventure with them is hearing the tales of times passed. While riding through this beautiful country, they will share the history of those who lived here before from the ancient Mimbres people of 200-1150 AD, to Geronimo and the Apaches, and later homesteaders, tin miners, and even Basque sheepherders! 

  • Take Time to Take It All In  

You will experience so much during your dude ranch vacation. Be sure to take time to let it all soak in. Bond with your horse, marvel at the deep canyons, and spend time connecting with the people who mean the most. Vacation is a time to relax, take off your watch, and tell the time only by the sun and chef Fred’s dinner bell!    

Plan Your Dude Ranch Stay at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch cabinIf you’re looking to plan the perfect New Mexico dude ranch vacation, look no further than Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. Our all-inclusive ranch offers comfortable cabins nestled in the Gila National Forest, three homecooked meals per day, all of the horseback riding you want, and insightful guides there for you every step of the way.     

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is the perfect place for the whole family! Reconnect and show your children the true beauty of Mother Nature. We can’t wait to welcome you to New Mexico!


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