Sponsor a Horse!

Help Support our Ranch during these tough times by Sponsoring a Horse!

As you may know, Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch has been impacted significantly by the Black Fire and subsequent flash flooding caused by the wildfire this year. Our small guest ranch has suffered financially because of the wildfire and flooding – we were forced to evacuate and even when we could return were not able to host guests. We lost 15 weeks (about 50%) of our 2022 season! 

However, the care of our horses remains a top priority, as does being able to continue offering our guests a place to find peace and serenity in this busy world! We love our horses and take great pride in being able to welcome you to our beautiful part of the world and show you the beauty of the Gila National Forest on horseback. We wouldn’t be able to provide this amazing experience without our incredible horses.


While facing this major loss of income we still have 25 horses that need food, horseshoeing and veterinary care.  Help us make it through by choosing your favorite horse to help feed and care for! Here’s how it works:

~ Choose your favorite horse to help care for!

~ Choose your level of support:

  • Level 1: $100.00 Feed and care for your selected horse for one week.
  • Level 2: $200.00 Feed and care for your selected horse for two weeks.
  • Level 3: $300.00 Feed and care for your selected horse for three weeks.
  • Level 4: $400.00 Feed and care for your selected horse for one month.


Please either click on the links associated with each level above to pay immediately online, or fill out the form below and we will get back to you to to help you with your donation.


    Help Us Reach Our Goal

    We and our horses appreciate any and all donations during this difficult time!



    Meet Our Horses


    Thank you to our Wonderful Donors!

    We are so grateful for everyone who has reached out during this time. Thanks to your kind generosity, we will be able to continue offering this special, personalized, and authentic New Mexico guest ranch experience for future travelers and your return visits! We greatly appreciate your support – and our horses do too!
    Connie F.     Stefan W.     Tom & Claire G.     Mackenzie H.     Maria V.     Deb P.     Andrew P.     Lisa A.     Susan D.     Marian L.     Jane I.     Bob & Peg R.     Peggy & Charlie W.     Patricia M.     Jeff E.     Elizabeth S.     Peggy B.     David & Dee M.      Annette F.     Shelly K.     Nancy S.     Scott R.     Susanna G.     Joe P.     Steve R.     Mary S.     Sam N.     Ken S.     Joann Y.     Mandy B.     Jeanine C.     Jan N.     Barb & Bill M.     Buzz & Valorie W.     Rick & Carol G.     Don, Teresa & Alyssa B.     Bill W.     Steve H.     Leila N.     Alan S.     Lee B.     Bob H.     Christine G.     Scott & Kariss W.     Jenifer N.     Stuart & Allison J.     Mandy B.     Charry B.     George A.     Carol S.     Debby C.     Chris N.     Denise H.     Maggie W.     Nancy H.     Ana W.     Kerry M.     Mary D.     Cammie N.     Hugh T.     Mike S.     Dale F.     Kayli M.     Chip B.     Molly M.     Carol M.     Michael L.