wolf tracks

This Native American symbol for wolf tracks calls us to discovery, adventure, and exploration.┬áThis is Geronimo country. The famous Apache warrior lived and fought here. The Chiricahua tribe of Apaches used this area as a refuge and base of operations for their campaigns in the late 1800’s. The mountains, canyons, and forests provided protection for Geronimo and his warriors. Numerous Native American ruins are in the immediate vicinity of the ranch, including cliff dwellings, caves, and pictographs dating from 200-1150 AD.

Visiting these sites, many of which remain largely untouched, offers a deeper appreciation for the heritage of the Native Americans, and brings the history of the West to life. And it wasn’t just the Indians; cowboys and outlaws including Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid also are part of our history in southwest New Mexico.

Breathtaking Surroundings

Whether on horseback or in hiking boots, the Gila National Forest is readily accessible, right outside the gates of the ranch. You will ride through deep canyons, across crystal clear streams and to mountain overlooks. The open meadows and clear areas beneath the Ponderosa pines invite exploration in any direction. Days are nearly always sunny, with the sky a deep New Mexico turquoise blue.
Sunset at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

The climate in nearby Silver City has been assessed as the best in the United States; at the ranch, summer days are pleasantly dry and comfortably warm, while mountain evenings are cool and crisp. Spring and fall are also lovely with lots of mild to warm sunny days. Sunsets are magnificent and evenings are brilliantly starlit; moonlit nights are simply breathtaking.

Gila National Forest

Native American Culture