New Mexico Tourism: Small Guest Ranch, Big Impact

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is a small operation when it comes to New Mexico tourism. We have 4 cabins and can accommodate 16 people maximum. On a yearly basis, we host a couple hundred people. As we celebrate our 11 year anniversary of operation, we can look back and recall each of our guests (and, if you’re Meris, which horse they rode as well). Tucked away in the Gila National Forest of New Mexico, we can often lose sight of the impact we have on New Mexico as a whole. Governor Susana Martinez recently discussed the economic impact of tourism. Did you know tourism had more than $6.6 billion in economic impact in New Mexico in 2017?

New Mexico Tourism

This is the largest economic impact in New Mexico history for the seventh consecutive year. 2017 had a 3.2% increase over 2016. That $200 million more equates to nearly $753,000 spent by visitors to New Mexico every hour last year. Along with record-breaking economic impact, 2017 was also the sixth straight year of record-breaking visitation. There were one million more trips in New Mexico in 2017 than in 2016.

Lodging, food and beverage, retail, and recreation represented the four largest sectors for visitor spending. And leisure travel is the primary reason for travel in New Mexico. And we fit into all those buckets!

New Mexico Tourism

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch is an all-inclusive getaway. Our rates include meals, accommodations, horseback riding, hiking, activities, and entertainment.

New Mexico Tourism

Of course, our primary focus is on horseback riding. Horseback riding here takes you through incredible deep canyons, across crystal clear spring-fed streams, to high mountain overlooks, across open meadows, and through Ponderosa forests. We have wonderful well-trained, responsive horses good for any ability to see it all by.

The best part is, there are no lines or schedules here. Ride as much as you want or not at all… it’s up to you! Horseback riding in New Mexico is a real western adventure and we love sharing our unique way of life with our guests.

New Mexico Tourism

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch has been a part of the New Mexico True brand since it launched in 2012. It is a great resource that showcases the stunningly beautiful state of New Mexico. You can find Places to Go, Things to Do, Events, and more. The majority of our guests fly into Albuquerque and we are located 4 hours from the airport. Therefore, many guests add on nights to their trip. Truth or Consequences is the closest “big” town to us and is known worldwide for its hot springs. Check out this list of 11 Hot Springs in New Mexico You Need to Visit (the top two are in Truth or Consequences!) Many guests have enjoyed spending a week at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch and then winding down with a day or two soaking in the natural hot springs.

If you are interested in enjoying a #NewMexicoTrue getaway, contact us. We’d be happy to help you plan a New Mexico tourism vacation.