Top 8 Ways to Practice Social Distancing at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

One of the aspects we love the most about our small ranch is the personal guest experience we offer. It’s important to us to maintain that same experience moving forward while keeping our staff and our guests as safe as possible. Here are our Top 8 Ways to Practice Social Distancing at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch while still creating memories together that will last a lifetime.

1. Horseback Ride through Incredible Scenery

There is nothing better than exploring the American West on horseback. Atop your trusty steed, we will take you on daily trail rides through open meadows, deep canyons, and mountain overlooks of the pristine 3.3 million-acre Gila National Forest.

Trail Riding through the Gila National Forest


2. Hike our many Trails through the Gila National Forest

Grab your hiking shoes and one of our complimentary Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch water bottles and explore the vast Gila wilderness on foot. There are a number of trails within walking distance from the ranch that will leave you awestruck with how extraordinarily vast and peaceful the area is.

Hiking in the Gila National Forest  Hiking in the Gila National Forest

3. Discover 1,000-year-old Cliff-Dwellings, Pit Houses, and Artifacts

Take a step back in time and explore the unique history of the Native American Mimbres culture who inhabited this area from 200-1150 AD. Climb up to cliff-dwellings where they used to live and search for pottery shards and artifacts and view pictographs on the rock walls from these early people.

Pictographs on the rock walls of one of the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  Pottery Shards and Arrowheads from the early Mimbres people

4. Enjoy Our Fine Dining Outside Beneath the Ponderosa Pines

Guests often rave about our fine-dining here at the ranch and we find that Chef Fred’s food tastes even better outside under the sweet-smelling Ponderosa Pines. Meals are now plated and each group will have their own table 6 feet away from others. The cooler evening summer temperatures and the lack of bugs makes us wonder why we haven’t been eating outside this whole time!

5. Relax On Our Porch Swings

We have many great spots around the ranch property to relax after a day on the trails. Kick-off your boots, grab a book, and take a rest on one of our porch swings or chaise lounge chairs and enjoy the peace and quiet after a day’s adventure.

Apache and Mimbres Cabins with Porch Swings

6. Wear a Complimentary Bandana Decorated with Our Riding Trails

Complimentary Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch bandanas are available upon request. They’re perfect to use if the dust kicks up out on the trails, but they can easily be pulled up around the mouth and nose when in close proximity to others. You then have a free memento to take home with you decorated with the riding trails you explored during your stay!

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Bandanas

7. Enjoy an Evening Campfire

After a delicious meal, the cooler New Mexico nights are perfect for soaking in the days’ experience around a campfire. We have plenty of space and chairs to spread out around the fire. And no campfire is complete without s’mores and campfire songs.


8. Late Night Stargazing

While the campfire is burning and the marshmallows are roasting, don’t forget to look up! Being hours away from the nearest town, light pollution here is slim to none. The clear nights in the Gila make for unbelievable stargazing you do not want to miss.


Escape the Crowds and Plan Your Getaway at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

Things may look a little bit different moving forward but our small, authentic, New Mexico guest ranch will continue to offer you a once in a lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful places in the American West. You can read our updated COVID19 policies here. Start planning your next getaway today!

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