How to Pack the Perfect Trail Bag for a Day on Horseback

You may have seen our guide for the perfect dude ranch vacation packing list, and you may have all the essentials with you. But once you’re at the ranch, knowing what to take with you while on the daily trail rides is equally important. There’s a lot to consider when packing your saddlebags for a day on the trails, as every day is different. But don’t worry, we know everything you’ll need to pack the perfect trail bag. Follow this guide, and your vacation will be worry-free because you’ll know exactly what to bring on the trail for an exciting day exploring the Gila National Forest on horseback!

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To Spend an Ideal Day on Horseback, You’ll Need to Pack the Perfect Trail Bag!

Bring All the Essentials

First, keep in mind your activities for the day so you can pack accordingly. You might be spending the day swimming at the East Fork Picnic spot, or exploring the Mimbres Cliff Dwellings, or enjoying a scenic morning ride and returning to the ranch for a nice lunch. Your wranglers will talk with you daily to set the day’s schedule according to your interests! Second, keep in mind your horses will be carrying the weight in the saddlebags, so be conscientious not to overload them. We want you to be as comfortable as possible while keeping in mind our horses’ health and safety. Saddlebags will be provided for you. To enjoy a perfect day trail riding through the Gila wilderness, we recommend packing the following! 

What You’ll Need in Your Trail Bag for a Perfect Day of Horseback Riding:

  • Weather-appropriate clothing (i.e., riding gloves, layers, extra jacket)
  • Hiking boots or comfortable shoes for exploring on foot
  • Water bottle(s) – at least 2 for an all-day ride
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Swimsuit if going swimming
  • Water Shoes if wading in the rocky creeks

Of course, that’s not all! For some added fun, be sure to throw in a camera so you can capture memorable moments on horseback, the unique cliff dwellings, and the stunning landscape of the Gila National Forest

*Note: Your wranglers will ride with a first aid kit, satellite phone, and other safety measures.

Double-Check Your Packing List

Remember, if you need a refresher, you can always double-check the dude ranch vacation packing list to ensure you have everything you need for the perfect dude ranch vacation. With an average of  280+ days of sunny skies a year, you’ll need plenty of sun protection! Although sunny skies are ideal for a day of hiking and horseback riding, you need to be careful when staying in its rays for extended periods of time. Make sure you have enough sunscreen, sunglasses, and, of course, your cowboy hat to provide some shade. And be sure to ask one of our wranglers if you are missing anything. We are happy to lend extra water bottles, sunscreen, or whatever you need to ensure your vacation is as fun and comfortable as possible!

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