Visit 4 of the Best Ghost Towns in New Mexico

Among the Land of Enchantment’s many hidden secrets are the remains of New Mexico’s once-bustling mining towns. We’re referring to the nearly 400 ghost towns in NM! The traces of these communities have created a phenomenon like no other and contain whispers of past lives. From Billy the Kid to Russian Bill to Harry Pye, the stories that remain in each town are full of adventure and historical lure.

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Top Ghost Towns in NM to Explore on Your Next Trip 

Historic Chloride New Mexico  

The town of Chloride, NM, came about when Englishman Harry Pye first lay claim to the land in 1881. During its heyday, the silver-mining town had approximately 2,000 inhabitants. Now, visitors of this ghost town in NM can stop by the Old Pioneer Store Museum, the 200-year-old hanging tree, and the Monte Cristo Saloon and Dance Hall. The best part? You can visit this unique town on your way to the ranch! Located just 7 minutes off Route 52, you can easily take a side trip before or after your visit to the ranch. Looks for the signs to Historic Chloride as you pass through the small town of Winston. 

Shakespeare Ghost Town 

Although it began as Mexican Springs and later became changed its name to Grant, Shakespeare, NM, finally settled on its name in 1879. Rumor has it that during its silver-mining days, the town was home to Billy the Kid and a few notorious cattle raiders, including Russian Bill and Sandy King. Since its heyday, Shakespeare, NM, has been declared a National Historic Site and is preserved by the Shakespeare Foundation as a symbol of the authentic Old West.  

Hillsboro, NM 

In 1877, upon the discovery of gold at nearby area mines, the town of Hillsboro, NM, was founded. During the height of the gold rush, the area’s mines produced more than $6 million in silver and gold. At the time, the town was booming, and it had a population of 1,200 people. Today the historic town is a quiet, charming, and peaceful retreat for artists, writers, and ranchers. Within the town limits, you’ll find numerous historic sites, including the Edmund Tittman House, the Union Hotel’s former site, and the town’s courthouse and jail ruins. 

Lake Valley Historic Townsite 

In 1876, Lake Valley, NM, was full of hustle. At the time, prospectors had found silver deposits in the land and paved the way to produce 5.8 million ounces of silver. In 1994 the town’s final resident moved away, making it another ghost town in New Mexico. Today a few buildings remain, and Lake Valley, NM, has become a designated archaeological dig site. Visitors can take a self-guided walking tour through the recently restored schoolhouse and chapel from Monday through Thursday.  

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