Festival of the Cranes is a Must See!

Festival of the CranesThis November is the 30th Annual Festival of the Cranes at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in Socorro, New Mexico. It is a must see if you are in New Mexico in mid-November. The Bosque del Apache is only 125 miles from Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch and is located just off Interstate 25. If you are flying into Albuquerque, it is a perfect stop on your way out to the ranch. The Festival of the Cranes is an annual event that celebrates the winter migration of the sandhill cranes. The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is an oasis in New Mexico where thousands of waterfowl spend the winter each year.

Festival of the Cranes

Your best chance for viewing the cranes is at dawn and dusk. In the morning, you are able to observe the cranes as they take to the skies to forage for food. In the evening, it is another spectacle as the birds return home to roost. During the day, the Festival of the Cranes holds many other events including tours, workshops, socials and events. A must see at the Bosque is driving the tour loop rood. It allows you to observe the wide variety of flora and fauna that the Bosque del Apache preserves.

Festival of the CranesEither before or after the Festival of the Cranes, head on down for a stay at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch. A typical day in November is warm and sunny with those classic New Mexico turquoise skies. Wildlife such as the black bear, elk, mule deer, and wild turkey inhabit the Gila National Forest. Above, you may spot bald eagles, peregrine falcons, or red-tailed hawks soaring in the wind. On your horse, you will ride through the diversity of rugged mountains, deep canyons, meadows, and semi-desert country.

Our New Mexico dude ranch vacations through mid-November so contact us today to book your stay and your chance to experience the Festival of the Cranes!