Bucket List Vacations at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

I was recently reading a post on RanchSeeker about bucket list vacations. They were inspired by Ranch & Reserve Magazine’s 9th issue which had an article titled: “If a Guest Ranch Vacation Isn’t on Your Bucket List It Should Be”.

Let us do the planning so that your vacation is the best one you have ever had! Simply let us know your interests prior to your stay so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your visit! Request our Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch Itinerary to get started.

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Many of our guests tell us that coming to Geronimo Trail fulfills one of their bucket list vacations. But once is not enough for this bucket list vacation! We are located in the 3.3 million acre Gila National Forest and there is so much to see and do. Several guests are in on the secret and come back many times, trying to see as much as possible. And because we are open from March through November, even riding the same trail can be a completely different experience depending on the time of year you visit.

horseback riding

Bucket List Vacations

Over the years, we have noticed another trend in bucket list vacations; guests are interested in experiences not just destinations. It is not enough to just say you’ve been to a New Mexico dude ranch. You want to say that you rode a well-trained, responsive horse through incredible deep canyons, across crystal clear spring-fed streams, to high mountain overlooks, across open meadows, and through Ponderosa forests. That you saw 1,000-year-old archaeological sites. That you swam in a warm-spring (perhaps one that Geronimo himself swam in?!). That you saw a calf elk in its first days on earth. All of these experiences add up to a bucket list vacation you will never forget.

Bucket List Vacations at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch, New Mexico

When you are planning your bucket list, consider not only what experiences you want to have but also who you want to have them with. At Geronimo Trail, we primarily welcome couples, families with children, and groups of best friends. Because of our small size (only 4 cabins), we even have groups of 10-16 people that take over the ranch for their vacation. This allows us to give you personalized attention during your stay. Plus, you and your family and friends will have great bonding time.

Bucket list vacations may bring to mind visiting foreign countries or doing extreme activities like skydiving. You may not think of a guest ranch vacation as belonging on a bucket list. But they are unique in that they allow you to escape to a simpler time. Even more so in our case (we are 70 miles from the closest cell phone reception). Being off the grid and drinking water from spring fed wells are just the kind of experiences that bucket list vacations are made of.


Let us help you find your ideal bucket list vacation in New Mexico!