How To Plan the Best Road Trip From Dallas, TX, to Winston, NM?

Escape the ordinary and treat yourself to a new adventure in the incredible canyons of the Gila National Forest! Take a road trip from Dallas, TX, to Winston, NM, to connect with the natural delights of the Southwest like never before. On your way to Winston, New Mexico, you’ll drive through scenic stretches, national forests, and even a ghost town or two. To help you plan your route, we have curated a list of some of the most exciting attractions on your path to Southwest New Mexico.

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Where to Stop on Your Road Trip from Dallas, TX, to Winston, NM

Inez Spring Riverfront Park | Eastland, TX

A hidden treasure along your route, Inez Spring Riverfront Park, is a nature lover’s haven. The park’s main attraction is a natural spring that feeds clear blue waters to Joshua’s Pond. Visitors from near and far love to spend the day swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The expansive property also features 25 campsites, numerous picnic areas, and elaborate trail systems.  

National WASP WWII Museum | Sweetwater, TX

Filled with stories of triumph and tragedy, the National WASP Museum was erected to celebrate and honor the lives and legacies of the Women Airforce Service Pilots that served in World War II. Since its grand opening in 2002, the museum has become a place that inspires, teaches, and commemorates the first female squadron in the United States.  

Sinclair Gas Station | Snyder, TX

Sinclair Gas Station | Snyder, TX This charming, triangle-shaped fuel station will transport you to 1935! The unique structure underwent a full restoration in 2012, and it has become a popular stop for those road-tripping from Dallas, TX to Winston, NM. Although you won’t be able to fill-up here, we promise no gas station will be quite as memorable as this one! 

International UFO Museum and Research Center | Roswell, NM

International UFO Museum and Research CenterThe International UFO Museum and Research Center is famous among UFO enthusiasts due to the high volume of information and findings the center makes available to the public. At the popular museum, visitors are encouraged to ask questions and delve into the extraterrestrial mysteries. The center features information on the Roswell Incident, autopsy reports, and even alien models! Believers and non-believers alike flock to the museum for a glimpse of what may exist beyond planet earth.  

A Ghost Town | Chloride, NM

A Ghost Town | Chloride, NMDuring the 1880s, Chloride, NM, was a busy silver mining town. At that time, the small town was inhabited by approximately two-thousand people. It was made up of 100 homes, nine saloons, three general stores, restaurants, a pharmacy, and even a lawyer’s office. Upon the silver panic of 1893, Chloride and the surrounding areas began to decline as the country moved towards the gold standard. The town’s original structures still stand. Curious visitors can explore these unique landmarks by visiting the town’s museum, gallery, and gift shop. 

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