Swiss Cultural Exchange Program 2021

Learn from Brenda Frey – Wrangler/Ranch Hand


Brenda Frey, Swiss Cultural Exchange at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch


Cultural Exchange at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch in 2021!


Enjoy discussion of history and landscape as it pertains to the Gila National Forest and the surrounding area, and to Switzerland, Brenda’s home country. Learn about similarities and differences between the two regions and how those differences inform our opinions and perspectives on the landscapes we visit. This cultural exchange of tradition and history through scenic landscapes will enable you to draw unique connections to the culture of others!

  • During trail rides you will learn about the terrain, landmarks, wildlife, and history of the Gila National Forest. You will also learn about Switzerland’s history, environment, wildlife, and ecology from Brenda!
    • Similar to Western landscape, Switzerland predominantly features mountains with plateaus of rolling hills, plains, and large bodies of water.
    • Brenda will discuss with guests, the historical shifts in the Swiss land, including the way in which glacier movement has molded the scenic mountain landscape.
    • Switzerland features unique wildlife in the mountain ranges, including alpine marmots, alpine ibex, mountain hares, bearded vultures and red deer.
    • Brenda will also explain historical traditions relating to the Swiss land which emphasize a strong mountaineering and skiing culture.


Learn about horse culture in Switzerland and how it differs from American horse culture, particularly that of the American West and Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch.

  • Brenda will talk about horse ranches in Switzerland and how they differ from Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch.
  • Participate in demonstrations with Brenda about horse wrangling, grooming, saddling, and mucking. Learn about what horse care and maintenance is like in Switzerland, and what skills are used that may differ from the West.
    • Brenda will share the different techniques and strategies used in horse care in Switzerland, including brushing the horse to maintain its coat, feeding times to maximize trail ride times, and different skills for faster mucking.
    • Understanding horses and how to take care of them is a life-long learning experience, and with Brenda’s experience with Swiss traditions for horse care, guests and staff at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch will be offered important new insights.


Learn about and enjoy popular Swiss cuisine!

  • Brenda will help cook one authentic Swiss meal during each guest’s visit. You will learn about the cultural traditions involved with cooking, meal prep, and food in Switzerland.
    • Enjoy popular Swiss dishes for dinner such as Raclette, Gschwellti, Älplermagronen, and Rösti.
    • Brenda will explain the recipes and why certain ingredients are used more frequently in Swiss culture.
    • Of the most popular authentic Swiss meals, potatoes, pasta, cheese, onions, and pastries are most common, and Brenda will discuss the influences of German and French culture in traditional Swiss dishes.
    • She will describe traditional Swiss cooking techniques and compare them to western-style ways of cooking (stove-top, oven, microwave, toaster).


In the evenings after dinner, enjoy the sharing of cultural traditions and history, allowing for comparisons between Swiss traditions and Western culture. Through these activities and entertainment during down time, you will have the opportunity to truly embrace, learn, and understand many different cultural traditions and customs of Switzerland while reflecting on your own cultural traditions.

  • Watch Western movies, learn to line dance, play western-style games or gather around the campfire to tell stories, make s’more and stargaze!
  • Learn about traditional Swiss music and songs from Brenda, who will teach you lyrics in her native language.
  • Learn popular Swiss lingo and the cultural meaning behind it.
  • Learn about the popular folk arts associated with Swiss culture, such as yodeling and the accordion, also referred to as Schwiizerörgeli.


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Brenda Frey, Swiss Cultural Exchange at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

With no more than 16 guests visiting the ranch at one time, staff and guests will have the opportunity to build relationships through their time at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch which fosters an ideal space to engage in the sharing of culture, traditions, and customs. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this special cultural exchange with all our guests!


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