List of What to Pack for Your Dude Ranch Vacation

Check out our blog for an overview of a ranch vacation packing list.You’ll learn what to wear and what to pack for your stay with us.

Here is a handy list of suggested items to bring that will make your stay at our ranch more enjoyable:

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Chap Stick
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat with Stampede String
  • Medium Weight Jacket
  • Heavy Riding Coat (in spring & fall)
  • Layers (we get a big temperature swing from daytime high to nighttime low no matter the season)
  • Rain Gear (we provide full length riding rain slickers)
  • Riding/Cowboy Boots with a heel and smooth sole (we do have some to lend, please ask about sizes)
  • Boot socks or tall socks that go as high as your boots
  • Jeans (“Wrangler” brand jeans are recommended, they don’t have the double sewn, inside leg seam, reducing skin chafing)
  • Long Sleeved & Short Sleeved Shirts (layering is a good idea – long sleeves are good protection from branches and the strong sun)
  • Padded Bicycle Shorts (These can help prevent soreness)
  • Panty Hose (These can help prevent chafing)
  • Tennis Shoes or Hiking Boots/Shoes (You will be exploring some places on foot!)
  • Water shoes for wading/swimming/playing in the rocky creek! (The creeks are warm – they are fed by warm springs – perfect for enjoying during most seasons!)
  • Riding Gloves (for cold weather/personal preference)
  • Chinks or Chaps (if you have them)
  • Personal Items: Tooth Brush, Shampoo, Lotion, Band Aids, & Other Toiletries
  • Hairdryers are not provided & use is discouraged. We are off the grid and they draw too much current. Use only when generator is on 8-10 AM & 8-10 PM
  • Beer/Wine/Liquor (we don’t carry a liquor license so bring what you like)
  • We provide towels & other bedding
  • We provide water bottles to carry when riding or hiking
  • Remember, there is no cell phone service at the ranch. You can give your family and friends the ranch phone number 575-772-5157 for emergency contact.


Ranch Vacation Packing List

packing list

Can I bring my own tack?

We have excellent quality tack that is comfortable for our guests to ride in AND fits our horses. This is what you will ride in during your stay at our ranch.